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Rodriguez v. Kanengiser; Case No. 05-6990 (05).

Client was a 6’4 275 lb former professional basketball player.  He had been involved in an accident approximately one year before this case in which he had received neck and back injuries and had also been involved in another accident approximately a year after this accident with injuries claimed to the same parts of his body. The property damage to his vehicle was only $350.00. Prior to the lawsuit being filed, the offer to settle the case was $5,000.00. After a five day jury trial, a verdict was rendered in the amount of $638,000.00.  A proposal for settlement had been filed adding attorney’s fees to the recovery. Progressive, the insurance carrier for the at-fault party appealed the verdict. The policy limits were $250,000.00. The final recovery was over $1,000,000.00 of combined verdict, attorneys fees, and interest.


-(Melted ice cream…read more section)


Sheila Forbes v Kmart  Case No. SRC D96-51MIA

Client was shopping one evening at Kmart where she slipped and fell on melted ice cream that had fallen to the floor and was not cleaned up.  Injuries claimed were a non-operative herniated disc. The defense claimed that the client’s injuries were pre-existing. After a five day jury trial, the jury awarded $730,229.60. Kmart unsuccessfully appealed the verdict. Including the interest on the verdict after the appeal, the total recovery was over $840,000.00

– (Fatal Dog Attack read more)


71 year old victim was getting her morning exercise simply walking in her neighborhood when she was attacked by her neighbor’s pet pitbulls. She was mauled to death in a gruesome attack. The dog’s owners, fearing legal repercussions, took the dogs over 50 miles away from where the attack occurred and released them into  the middle of a national forest. Two of the three dogs were never recovered but one was. The firm hired animal orthodontists to do bite mark comparisons. Animal DNA was taken from  the wounds on the body to compare to the DNA taken from the one dog that was found, in order to prove who the animal was that attacked the client. As is common in home owners insurance policies, there was an exclusion for animal injuries however the firm’s work on the case caused the home owners insurance carrier to pay their policy limits despite the exclusion.



– (Bicycle Accident bring 500 settlement read more section)


Client was getting her morning exercise and training for a long distance bicycle race to Key West early in the morning just before the sun came up. A taxi cab did not see her and  crossed into the lane that she was traveling and struck her causing severe injuries. The firm extensively litigated the case which was settled shortly prior to the trial.



(Injury to child caused by neighbors more section)


Child went to pet neighbor’s dog which inexplicably jumped up and bit the child on the face causing facial scarring.

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